My Hashimoto Thyroiditis was diagnosed in 2004 and since then I have been taking L-Thyroxine. I feel well with it. Nevertheless I sometimes suffered from fatigue and digestion problems. Going to Claire was a big gift for me. Claire is a very warm and  professional person; I had a thorough consultation and was given very good advice regarding my nutrition. Ever since then I am not as tired anymore and my digestion is back to normal. 
It was a very good experience and I can fully recommend Claire to anyone who has any kind of health problem regarding nutrition and digestion.


My Clients

Carolin, Germany

"Claire is an excellent nutritionist with a tremendous amount of knowledge. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their health and fuel their mind/body in a way that allows them to feel their best.

From the start, I was extremely impressed with the preparation she put into our sessions, her expertise of the subject matter and her ability to connect all the pieces to come up with a clear plan to incorporate meaningful changes. Most importantly her ability to connect/relate on a personal level made me feel comfortable and understood. 

I’ve experienced great results with Claire’s guidance and effectively made her recommendations a part of my daily life. Thanks to her help my body is healthy and I feel great."


“I had a number of health issues, including digestive issues, non-optimum blood values and a chronic lack of energy, when I started working with Claire. Through assessing my lifestyle and diet, she was able to pinpoint possible areas relating to both what I ate and how I ate, which could be improved. The adjustments Claire suggested were devised specifically for me, taking into account what I could reasonably achieve within the constraints of my particular work and family situation. She found (and invented!) great recipes for me with ingredients that I enjoy but were overall healthier for me than my previous meals. The results were noticeable within a few months - my digestion and blood results improved and I had more energy, particularly first thing in the morning.


Throughout our work together, Claire was a warm and empathetic advisor and coach, she was always positive and supportive so that I felt that I could make the changes to my habits that I needed to, but she was also realistic as to what was achievable and the timescales involved.”

Stephanie, UK