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My Hashimoto Thyroiditis was diagnosed in 2004 and since then I have been taking L-Thyroxine. I feel well with it. Nevertheless I sometimes suffered from fatigue and digestion problems. Going to Claire was a big gift for me. Claire is a very warm and  professional person; I had a thorough consultation and was given very good advice regarding my nutrition. Ever since then I am not as tired anymore and my digestion is back to normal. 
It was a very good experience and I can fully recommend Claire to anyone who has any kind of health problem regarding nutrition and digestion.


My Clients

Carolin, Germany

"Claire is an excellent nutritionist with a tremendous amount of knowledge. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their health and fuel their mind/body in a way that allows them to feel their best.

From the start, I was extremely impressed with the preparation she put into our sessions, her expertise of the subject matter and her ability to connect all the pieces to come up with a clear plan to incorporate meaningful changes. Most importantly her ability to connect/relate on a personal level made me feel comfortable and understood. 

I’ve experienced great results with Claire’s guidance and effectively made her recommendations a part of my daily life. Thanks to her help my body is healthy and I feel great."


“I had a number of health issues, including digestive issues, non-optimum blood values and a chronic lack of energy, when I started working with Claire. Through assessing my lifestyle and diet, she was able to pinpoint possible areas relating to both what I ate and how I ate, which could be improved. The adjustments Claire suggested were devised specifically for me, taking into account what I could reasonably achieve within the constraints of my particular work and family situation. She found (and invented!) great recipes for me with ingredients that I enjoy but were overall healthier for me than my previous meals. The results were noticeable within a few months - my digestion and blood results improved and I had more energy, particularly first thing in the morning.


Throughout our work together, Claire was a warm and empathetic advisor and coach, she was always positive and supportive so that I felt that I could make the changes to my habits that I needed to, but she was also realistic as to what was achievable and the timescales involved.”

Stephanie, UK

Following an internal heart-to-heart with myself and recognition that my health was in dire straits, I knew I had to take action for the sake of my future well being and made the most important step of contacting Claire. Although I had always considered that my short-lived ‘successful’ weight-loss attempts were grounded on relatively good principles of nutrition (not drastic cutting out of food groups or liquid diets, etc.), I could clearly see the yo-yo pattern over the years that was now underpinning my frustration and dissatisfaction, and posing a serious risk to the stability of my blood sugar levels.


With Claire’s facilitation, I was able to formulate my goal, which was to focus on embracing a healthier lifestyle so as to prevent illnesses such as diabetes. Claire’s approach, which is richly based on well-tested methods and incorporates the latest scientific research, together with her warmth, care and skilful coaching ensured that my focus has remained on my health and well being with steady weight-loss as a positive outcome thereof (without it being a fixation).


Not only do I now know how to produce a balanced plate of food for each meal of the day, but I can do so with everyday foods in my fridge and pantry - no menu is over complicated or difficult to recreate and there is no sense of deprivation. I credit Claire for equipping me with an understanding of nutritional principles that I needed in order to understand my health (and challenges) along with a sustainable, confident and realistic way to look after my health now and well into the future.

Angelique, UK

Things got busy for me at work, and at some point I realized that my eating habits became destructive, with my health and energy level being severely impacted. 

Having a nutritional therapy with Claire helped me on many levels. Her advices were professional and well-informed; and her warm approach helped tremendously to reduce my stress level and get back to more conscious way of treating myself. I particularly appreciated how Claire designed the entire program specifically for my lifestyle and needs, and how thoroughly she supported me along my way. I never felt lost or pressured, and step-by-step my nutritional choices changed and I started to feel better. I incorporated many Claire’s advices while being in the program, but even more important change for me was that this program somehow reset my attitude to a more healthy way of treating myself.  I’m still making gradual improvements in nutritional and life-style choices, and this lasting impact of the program is something for what I am really grateful.

I recommend Claire wholeheartedly as a really great nutrition therapist.


Lana, Germany

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