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Have you been told to lose weight to get your blood sugars under control? Are you on the brink of needing medication to get your numbers down? Maybe you are confused about how to escape sugar from your everyday foods. Or you have lost faith in the process and it seems there is nothing you can do to make significant changes....

I care and can help you. You’re a diligent dieter. You’ve tried everything you have been advised to do – eat less, move more & counted calories until you are blue in the face and yet the weight has gone back on along with a corresponding increase in blood sugar levels.


I'm Claire Cuff


I have personal experience of the effect diabetes has on health. Now I help people diagnosed with pre-diabetes lose weight & regain control of blood sugar levels by transforming the way you eat  – without feeling hungry and deprived.


You don’t have to live with high blood sugars levels forever. Learn what foods to enjoy and what foods to avoid. Rebuild & recraft your body’s biochemistry to rebalance blood sugar. I’ll support and motivate you all the way, and inspire you to put these changes into your life.


They say ‘knowledge is power’ but the reality is that there is only power in taking action. Take the first step to change your life. Book a free Health Review to find out how and begin your journey to wellbeing.


ALL Works

A Nutritional Therapy programme  involves the elements listed below and can result in other health outcomes in addition to balanced blood sugars such as weight-loss, improved digestive health, balanced mood, balanced energy, improved concentration and reduced cravings.  


  • Initial personal consultation: 1.5 hours

  • Follow up consultations – either face to face or via Skype/telephone: 60 mins

  • Mini progress review calls:  30-45 mins – depending on level of package invested in 

  • In-depth health and lifestyle assessment to consider symptoms, medical history, family history, lifestyle and stress

  • Personalised nutrition advice and supplement plan

  • Current medication and nutrients interaction evaluation, if applicable

  • Recommendations on clinical tests and interpretation

  • Full Body Composition analysis: Weight, BMI, Fat %, Muscle Mass, Metabolic Age (in-person consultations only)

  • Personal coaching to support new food choices and new habits

  • Your Healthy Eating Shopping List 

  • Seasonal recipes

  • Email support.


Just choose the level of support that suits you, which ranges from monthly, fortnightly or weekly contact.

Programme Fees start from £395 for a 10-week programme.

Note: The cost of clinical tests and/or supplements are not included.

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